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Central Business Improvement District (CBID)

The Central Business Improvement District (CBID) was initiated as Nashville’s first Business Improvement District in 1999. Services are funded by annual assessments on privately owned properties and by an additional fee of 0.25% on certain retail transactions within the district’s boundaries.

The Nashville Downtown Partnership manages the programs that CBID stakeholders have prioritized. These initiatives include clean and safe services supplementing those provided by the Metro Government, landscaping, economic development (including business, retail and residential), and marketing downtown Nashville.

The CBID Board of Directors oversees the Nashville Downtown Partnership’s operation of their programs. About 67% of the CBID's annual assessments are invested in clean and safe services, 17% goes to Economic development initiatives, seven percent is for image and communications, and nine percent is for administration. And 100% of CBID additional fee revenues are reinvested in clean and safe services

Property owners, businesses, residents, and tenants within the district boundaries of 424 acres may request services and assistance on downtown issues.

The success of Business Improvement Districts is based on a strong private-public partnership. For more information on business improvement districts, visit the International Downtown Association's website.