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Park It! Downtown Shuttles 

An Easy and Economical Commute Option for Downtown Employees

Purchase Shuttle Pass

If you or your employer are seeking a parking solution, consider this park-and-ride option for individuals or companies alike.

For Individuals

  • Main line shuttle rides from Nissan Stadium Lot A ($52/person per month)
    • Great option for individuals parking 4-5 times per month
    • Individuals secure their parking permits (FREE) and purchase their own shuttle passes monthly
    • Note: Must have a monthly shuttle pass to park FREE at Nissan Stadium Lot A

For Companies:

  • Main line shuttle rides from Nissan Stadium Lot A ($52 per month per person)
    • Employees ride main line shuttles with other passengers going to a variety of downtown buildings
    • Shuttles drop passengers off at any of eight drop-off points 
  • Private shuttle line from Nissan Stadium Lot A
    • Employees are provided a private shuttle with service directly to their workplace.
    • Cost dependent on contract
    • This service is arranged by employers; Contact Brittany Hansen at 615-743-3090 for more information

*No Lot E passes available at this time. 


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