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The Gulch Business Improvement District (GBID)

In 2007, the second downtown improvement district was initiated by property owners to provide services in the newly developed neighborhood of The Gulch. The Gulch Business Improvement District, Inc. (GBID) is a 501(c)6 that contracts with the Nashville Downtown Partnership for service delivery within the district’s boundaries and for administrative support, funded by annual assessments paid by property owners. The GBID includes 91 acres.

The Nashville Downtown Partnership manages the programs and services that GBID property owners have prioritized, which include clean and safe services supplementing those provided by the Metro Government, landscaping, other public space management initiatives, and neighborhood marketing.

The GBID Board of Directors oversees the Nashville Downtown Partnership’s operation of their programs. Over 82% of the GBID budget each year is invested in clean, safe, and beautification initiatives. Marketing and communications is eight percent, and administration is 10% of the annual GBID budget.

Property owners and tenants within the district boundaries may request services and assistance on downtown issues.

The success of Business Improvement Districts is based on a strong private-public partnership. For more information on property-based business improvement districts, visit the International Downtown Association's website.