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Park Smart

park smart downtown NashvilleParking operators want you to have a positive experience whenever you park in downtown Nashville - and to show their commitment to that goal, they support Park Smart! This cooperative initiative with the Nashville Downtown Partnership's PARK IT! DOWNTOWN program and the Metro Police Department Central Precinct can dramatically decrease car break-ins.

To reduce car break-ins and thefts anywhere, Park Smart! guidelines are important and easy to follow. Do your part today! Save time and money for yourself - and Metro Police!

FIRST, lock your vehicle. Always lock car doors and windows when you exit a vehicle even for a few minutes.

SECOND, secure your valuables. Your car is a target any time purses, money, laptops, cell phones or other items are visible to passersby. Keep any valuables in your locked glove compartment or trunk.

THIRD, take your keys with you. Don't ever leave the key in the ignition or the motor running while you make a quick stop for coffee or mail.

REMEMBER - it only takes seconds to Park Smart! Reporting the incident, getting any necessary repairs and replacing your valuables can be both time-consuming and expensive. Park Smart!