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Outreach & Social Services Work

Our 10-year track record confirms that "housing first" is an effective change agent. That first turn of the key in the door of an apartment can unlock the path to a new life.

"Housing First" Helps Downtown & Changes Lives

Nashville Downtown Partnership’s full-time Outreach Coordinator provides direct housing relief to downtown’s most vulnerable population and individuals in need. The Partnership maintains nine apartments at two locations where the average length of stay is six months.

Over the past 10 years, 120+ clients have received housing assistance through this program. Based on these individuals' prior histories, an estimated 6,000+ arrests have been prevented as a result of this housing first approach. 

In 2020, the Partnership was one of several organizations to receive a COVID-19 Emergency Services Grant to expand this work through 2022.  Across Nashville, the Partnership and other grant recipients will house at least 400 unsheltered individuals, a critical step in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The Partnership is proud to be one of many partners in this city-wide effort, which aims to provide transitional and permanent housing to 400 individuals in Davidson county during this two-year grant period.