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Building Connections for Downtown’s Tomorrow


This program allows Nashville Downtown Partnership to actively connect with early- and mid-career associates through quarterly networking and educational opportunities as a means of identifying and cultivating a diverse group of promising future leaders and downtown advocates. The program, which began in 2022, allows the Nashville Downtown Partnership to nurture our growing community through education and fellowship.


This program is currently by invitation only. Participants are invited by staff and Board members of the Downtown Partnership, with selection criteria that considers the following:

  • Employment at a downtown employer or other notable community business;
  • Identification as an emerging leader in his/her field or in the community (early or mid-career status)
  • Showing affinity for civic participation/community relations
  • Bringing a unique background/skillset to their work
  • A member of a minority group (gender/race/ethnicity/ability) 


Inaugural Event - April 4, 2022

3rd Quarter Event - July 14, 2022

4th Quarter Event - TBD

If you are interested in participating or learning more please contact Jeanette Barker at