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Collective Imagination: Art Right Now

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"Collective Imagination: Art Right Now" is an expansive group exhibition featuring work by 14 different artists working in a broad variety of mediums and styles for a unique and varied gallery experience.

This diverse array of recent work—including Leonard Piha's eclectic folk art, Michael Moloi's vibrant abstract portraits, and Inger Nova Jorgensen's dramatic bronze sculptures—allows for equally diverse audiences to connect with relevant and inspired contemporary art.

Chauvet Arts welcomes artists Michael Moloi, Amanda Coelho, Inger Nova Jorgensen, Michelle Reeves, Emma Levitz, Bill Scott, and Sabrina LaFaye in this exhibition as well as returning artists Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Philippe Guilerm, Leonard Piha, Kristen Dabbs, Amie Oliver, L Lisa Shimko, and Terrell Thornhill.